My nephew was born, I got a new computer, and more friends and youth kids.



It’s all about Tyler

A visit back home to Cincinnati, and Tyler has become quite the bundle. What a cutie-pie. Seriously.


Nov 18


Surprise! Ding 36!

Hyunja threw a big suprise birthday party at Saladang Song with many of my friends. Here are some snapshots of the festive occasion:


Nov 17



Here am I with one of my youth kids, Anita Su. She marched in the Arcadia Festival of Bands.

Oct 31


He shoots, he S C O R E S ! ! !

One of the youth leaders at my church, Tony, was able to score box seats to a LA Kings hockey game. It was such a sweet suite, and I was even able to invite my two best white friends along, Kyle and Katie! (Kyle is the scruffy looking one)

Oct 13


Oh Praise Him!

A big group of us went to go see David Crowder Band at the Wiltern. What was amazing was when David Crowder played a song with a tricked out Guitar Hero toy guitar.

Sept 18


Crew, Too

For the second year in a row, I was able to volunteer for CREW, a group of students helping out new students at Fuller. Here is an incredibly cute picture of all of us.

Aug 29


A New Chapter

I took out the high school seniors to Café Santorini, and den we went to Pinkberry afterwards. Don’t click that link, though, or else you will get addicted to the song. * p i n…k b e…r r y. Pinkberry for me, PINKBERRY! * Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Our graduating seniors are: Derrick Hong (University of California—Riverside), Angel Lin (University of California—Riverside), and Debbie Wu (University of California—Davis).

Aug 29


The Triple A Club

Angel finished her intensive Greek final, so we went to celebrate by . . . shopping at PetSmart because she wanted to get a betta fish. I was trying to get her to buy an angelfish for obvious reasons, but I was not successful. Another friend joined us later at the Westfield Mall, and here on the left we are enjoying some gelato.


July 6


Read Your Bible Already

Angel invited me to guest speak to the youth group at EFC-Alhambra. I spoke on devotions and encouraged our combined youth groups to read the Bible more often. Devotions and quiet time are good for you, mmkay? Angel Wu is on the left in the picture below.

June 25


Baseball, NOT

Sarah Lai decides to "plan" a trip to see the Los Angeles Dodgers, but when HyunJa and I get to Dodger Stadium, I am kinda curious as to why I got such a good parking space along a nearby street. Oh, that’s right, they are playing an AWAY game. GAH!

So, desperate to see a game, "we" make a decision to drive down to Anaheim to see a Los Angeles Angels game. We get there ahead of the other group, and I am kinda curious as to why people are walking *towards* the parking lot *away* from the stadium (perhaps all these people left something in their cars?). Oh, that’s right, they are SOLD OUT. GAH!

Southern California. To my knowledge, the only place where you can hit up two professional baseball teams in a single night. And STILL not get to see a game. With my baseball cap and glove in hand, I was disappointed that I would not be catching any fly balls. So, to salvage the night, we went to Albertos for dinner. Here is a shot of us.

   Hyunja Pak

Afterwards we went to The Block at Orange to bum around. Sadly, for such a nice place, no Apple Store. Seriously, what gives?!

June 17


MacBook Pro 2.4 GHz

Well, with the Pasadena Apple Store out of stock of the laptop I wanted, it was time to drive to Apple Store The Grove. I’m grateful HyunJa was there to morally support me as I plunked down hard earned cash for a new computer.


I would rather not have purchased this, but my old computer has been beat up so badly that it was time. But seriously, the real question is…how high will the framerates be in World of Warcraft?

June 16


Kuo, Andy Kuo.

Justin Baker got married. This was my first time in a tuxedo, so I am doing my best James Bond impression. It was a wonderful night. Hooray for Justin and Carissa!

June 13


Rest in Peace

During some heavy copy operations, my weathered PowerBook G4 finally died while I was in Dallas visiting my brother. For you techie types, the hard drive crashed with a corruped catalog B-tree. Subsequent recovery efforts were to no avail. (Booting up in firewire target disk mode, booting up with recovery CD using First Aid, Alsoft Diskwarrior, etc.). I was able to salvage some data at the Pasadena Apple Store with some creative hardware solutons before the hard drive crashed with a permanent, repeating clicking sound. It sounds like the read/write mechansim is continuously hunting. But for what? Who knows?

June 11


Tyler Warren Kuo

Born March 12, 2007. 8 pounds, 13 ounces, 21 inches. Oh Em Gee, so cute. I’m an uncle now!

May 29


Fried Plantains

…and fried rice. I don’t know how the stars and the moon aligned, but I cooked fried rice for dinner and fried plantains for dessert for three lovely ladies. Don’t believe me? Here is photographic evidence:



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