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Abridged résumé

Andrew Kuo

Pasadena, CA | (920) 277-5333


Generations Church Los Angeles2016 to Current

Arcadia, California

Associate Youth Pastor

  • Lead the Anchor Student Ministries, comprised of Junior high and High school
  • Lead the College fellowship group
  • Teach weekly Friday Night Fellowship
  • Organize numerous activities


Evangelical Formosan Church of Los Angeles2010 to 2015

El Monte, California

Youth Pastor

  • Lead the HarvestLA Student Ministries
    • Junior High: ALIVE (Always Living In View of Eternity)
    • High School: SCRATCH (Students Continuously Reaching and Thirsting for Christ’s Holiness)
    • College: TURF (The Upper Room Fellowship)
  • Taught weekly Friday Night Fellowship and Sunday School
  • Organized numerous activities
  • Tutored kids in wide variety of academic subjects
  • Identified and trained new youth leaders


Evangelical Formosan Church of Arcadia2006 to 2009

Arcadia, California

English Pastor 2008 to 2009

  • Led River of Christ youth group, both Junior and Senior High
  • Preached weekly and taught weekly Friday Night ROC and Sunday School

Youth Pastor 2006 to 2008

  • Led River of Christ youth group, both Junior and Senior High
  • Taught weekly Friday Night ROC and Sunday School
  • Organized numerous activities, such as 30 Hour Famine, Christian rallies (Harvest Crusade 2006),
    students’ performance arts, beach trips, ice-skating, bowling, amusement parks (Raging Waters)
  • Tutored kids in wide variety of academic subjects (AP Chemisty, AP Calculus, SAT Math, SAT English)


Community Church of Appleton 1996 to 2005

Appleton, Wisconsin

Youth Pastor2003 to 2005 (volunteer Youth Leader, 1996 to 2005)

  • Led Inspired Teens youth group, both Junior and Senior High
  • Taught weekly Wednesday night youth program
  • Organized trips to Christian rock concerts, such as Cornerstone, Lifest and Power of One
  • Directed numerous Bible studies and accountability groups
  • Arranged service projects, such as 30 Hour Famine and serving in soup kitchens for the homeless
  • Managed church retreats and led youth kids to denomination-wide retreats
  • Attended conferences, seminars, classes to improve upon youth ministry skills
    • 2004 Young Life Mission Heartland Conference (Heartland,WI)
    • 2004 Purpose Driven Youth Ministry (Lake Forest, CA)


Young Life Fox Valley 2003 to 2005

Appleton, Wisconsin

Young Life Volunteer Leader

A campus outreach group aimed primarily at high school students, Young Life brings the good news of Jesus Christ into the lives of adolescents with an approach that is respectful of who kids are and hopeful about who they can be.


Allies Youth Network 2003 to 2005

Appleton, Wisconsin

The Allies Youth Network seeks to unite youth pastors and workers of all Christian faiths by seeking to provide a safe environment for these youth leaders to receive prayer, fellowship and support, resulting in personal growth and increased ministry.



Kimberly-Clark Corporation1994 to 2003

Neenah, Wisconsin

Research & Development is responsible for new product development, rollout, commercialization, and ongoing brand maintenance.

Family Care New Business R&D 2002 to 2003

Advanced Product Developer

  • Charged with supporting the KLEENEX®, SCOTT®, and VIVA® businesses
  • Produced modified product forms and prototypes for use in large scale consumer studies
  • Identified and qualified new materials to optimize product benefits

Wet Wipes R&D1997 to 2002

Process Engineer, Product Developer

  • Charged with supporting the HUGGIES® Wet Wipes business
  • Coordinated business activities in Australia, Brazil, England, Europe, South Korea, and southeast
    Asia, with direct control of annual budget of $500,000
  • Supported start-up of HUGGIES® Supreme Care wet wipes, introducing new basesheet, new
    surfactant, and new rigid and flexible packaging
  • Led product start-up of converting asset in Flint, Wales, ensuring product met finished product specifications
  • Managed multifunctional team which introduced HUGGIES® Supreme Care line into Korea
  • Directed logistics and packaging graphics teams in rolling over numerous graphics for export product to international affiliates and licensees
  • Acted as liaison between manufacturing facility, logistics department, and international customers to enhance supply chain efficiencies
  • Identified and resolved process issues which constrained machine productivity, thereby lowering export transfer cost basis for KC Brazil, saving $70,000 annually
  • Worked extensively with third party manufacturers to roll-out line extensions for international affiliates and licensees
  • Updated raw material and finished product specifications for international product lines
  • Formulated alternative solutions for Korean wet wipes

Infant Care International R&D1994 to 1997

Process Engineer

  • Charged with supporting the HUGGIES® diaper business globally
  • Led start-up of new product improvement launch for South Korea
  • Supported business activities in Australia, Colombia, England, Mexico, and South Korea
  • Produced and published monthly, corporate-wide reports analyzing international machine productivity, waste, delay and quality
  • Utilized statistical experimentation to identify and implement process solutions


The Dow Chemical Company 1991 to 1993

Midland, Michigan, (Engineering Co-op)

Versene® Chelating Technical Services & DevelopmentJan to Aug, 1993
Chelant development for wastepaper de-inking applications

  • Evaluated the effectiveness of chelating agents in the de-inking of old newspapers and magazines for recycling purposes
  • Developed designed experiments for statistical data analysis
  • Developed a standard operating procedure for laboratory de-inking

Drytech® Specialty PolymersMay to Aug, 1992
Superabsorbant polymer production

  • Completed dryer steam quality project by evaluating insulation losses through infrared thermal scanning and other variables, thereby saving the plant over $100,000 per year
  • Coordinated the installation and re-calibration of hopper weigh systems
  • Assisted in pneumatic transfer sampling studies of solids attrition

Environmental ServicesJan to June, 1991
On-site regulatory department

  • Ascertained groundwater flow rates by measuring water table permeability
  • Assisted in database transfer of soilboring and piezometer data
  • Performed data analysis of priority pollutants discharged from Waste Water Treatment Plant


Stolle Research & DevelopmentMay to August, 1989 & 1990

Cincinnati, Ohio (Laboratory Technician)

  • Performed core loading analysis and automated dissolutions for steroid microspheres with a spectrophotometer
  • Determined the amount of residual solvents in polyanhydride wafers, vacuum dried polymers, and steroid microspheres by gas chromatography
  • Determined Fourier Transform Infrared spectrograms for solid samples
  • Determined the dilute solution viscosity of polymers



Fuller Theological Seminary 2005 to 2008

Pasadena, California

Master of Divinity, Youth, Family, and Culture (2008)

University of Wisconsin—Madison 1989 to 1994

Madison, Wisconsin

Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering (1994)





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  • Published numerous Internet/Intranet websites with Macromedia Dreamweaver
  • Developed and implemented annual $90,000 IT budget for approximately 130 employees, including Sales, Marketing, Logistics, Research, and Engineering departments
  • Performed as a computer maintenance and troubleshooting expert at Kimberly-Clark




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